Mi Moneda Grace Pendant 925 Silver Gold Plated

Mi Moneda Grace Pendant 925 Silver Gold Plated


Spread the sparkle! The Mi Moneda Grace pendant can be worn double sided, classic & elegant on one side and sparkling on the other side! That side is set with sparkling crystal & champagne colored stones. You're getting two styles in one item, each side of the pendant is perfect for it's own occasion. Festive & sparkly in the evening or just turn the pendant for a minimalistic everyday look. Simply open the pendant and insert a moneda in the same size as the pendant. Each size has it's own range of monedas. Finish your look with a necklace and your favorite moneda. You can change the monedas over and over, to create a new look every day! #MIMONEDA

Metal: Sterling Silver (925) Plated with Gold

Stone: Crystals 

Color: Gold 

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